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Houston, along with the rest of the nation, has a huge alcohol and drug problem, which affects us all. Along with its surrounding areas, Houston is known to be a highly active drug trafficking area.

For the past 32 years, Lifeway, through its unique 360 degree treatment approach, has been providing increasingly effective techniques for intervention, education and support to people of all ages suffering from substance use disorders and their families. The hallmark ‘Alternative Peer Group’ treatment program is augmented with Individual & Family Counseling, Outpatient Clinical services, social functions, coordination with residential and/or legal services, and much more. In addition, Lifeway offers a sober high school, Cates Academy (an accredited education program), which includes an “on to college venue.”

Trained facilitators serving each Alternative Peer Group are a critical component of Lifeway’s seamless continuity of care. Participation is only $250 a month, although no family is turned away due to a lack of funds. Historically, Lifeway has operated as many as 11 peer groups in the greater Houston area at a cost of over $150,000, serving an average of 200 adolescents and adults along with their families at any given time.

New brain research has re-defined the term “addiction” and now considers it a brain disease. It is now known that you do not need a genetic predisposition towards alcoholism to suffer the brain damage to the frontal lobe and neurotransmitter system which are caused by the drugs widely available to people of all ages today. Our loved ones are getting sicker faster and at a younger age than ever before.

According to a study from researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), “Every dollar spent on substance abuse treatment generates $7 in monetary benefits for society”.

We would like to invite you to join us in the fight to battle addiction by donating to our program. Every dollar raised helps to offset the cost of treatment for families participating in Lifeway, benefiting young people and their families suffering from the effects of chemical abuse. Consider that a donation of $250 could cover one families cost of participation for a month. A $1,000 donation could cover 4 families, and a $2,500 donation could cover the cost to run an APG group entirely for a month. Lastly, $5,000 would ensure one family’s continued involvement in Lifeway for over 18 months! Any amount helps because again, no family is turned away from Lifeway because of a lack of funds.

Are you interested in forming an Alternative Peer Group? Find out how.