I’m a New Parent, How Do I Manage This?

What Now?

You’re a parent whose kid is in trouble. You’re scared and worried about their future. You’re just realizing the media is not telling you or your kid the whole truth when it comes to booze, marijuana, vapes, pills, and using in general. The reality is it’s not cool. It has become terribly ugly. You don’t know case management from a hole in the wall. This is not something you know about as you never thought you would have to go down this road. Yet here you are. You ask yourself as a new parent learning about recovery, ‘What do I need to know? How do I ensure the best care for my child? What can I do to help? With so many options, where do I start? Where is the finish line?’


The Road Ahead

These are all great and in fact very common questions. The road to recovery is an extremely challenging path. That said, the alternative of passively waiting for your loved one to finish going through a ‘phase (of addiction)’ is even worse. Addiction is a progressive disease when ignored. Like cancer, pneumonia, and many others, left untreated it will continue to grow worse with increasingly dire consequences over time. What you want is to never go through the throws of addiction again. What you need is to get your loved one to achieve long term recovery.


Long Term Recovery Defined

Long term recovery is the point at which enough time, 18-48 months on average as research indicates, has passed in order to allow for the successful neurological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing needed to take place for a recoveree to consistently display healthy behavioral habits in their inner-personal, personal, family, and school/professional relationships as well as marking the point of significantly diminished chances of relapse and increased chances of continued sober living and thriving.


Managing Long Term Recovery Achievement

With nearly 40 years of field experience successfully using the APG Treatment Model and tens of thousands of lives positively affected, Lifeway is intensely familiar with the recovery landscape. Though we do not offer all the various levels of care e.g. detox, residential, day patient, etc., we know what makes a good program and we know what makes a great program at each level of care.


We know when a recoveree needs a different level of care, which level of care they need, and why. We know, by name, where to send them for the best outcomes for their unique circumstances. The APG model is the last (though sometimes only) level of professional care a client goes through prior to achieving long term sobriety as well as where information flows from all previous levels of care. As such, Lifeway is optimally positioned to oversee and manage the entire treatment process with Complete Care Coordination from a recoveree’s first day to their successful realization of long term sobriety.


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